Lisa Langbein

Lisa has over ten years experience in the Canberra Real Estate industry through employment both as a Property Manager and a Strata Manager; a dual skill base that serves her well in delivering an all- round service to our clients.

As a mother of three daughters, Lisa is all about organisation, routine and looking at both  sides of any one situation. With over twenty plus years in the workforce, Lisa has succeeded within a number of industries; most recently the Aged Care industry where she was nursing elderly residents, many with Dementia, in the Southern Highlands.

Lisa believes the work you do must be rewarding for yourself as well as those you serve. If you wake up every day, love yourself and love what you do; you will never work a day in your life!

If you are looking for an organised and committed Property Manager or would like an obligation-free appraisal contact Lisa on 0412 381 109 or